Runtime - 2 hours, 30Minute Year - 2019. Alexandrova and Kaptsova have been removed from this list of principle dancers at Bolshoi. Ekaterina Shipulina is only a year younger than Kaptsova age 41. It is confirmed that Shipulina not long ago gave birth to a baby daughter. The father is the internationally renowned Russian pianist Denis Matsuev.

“If you think this looks easy, its not!” -My mom. They really do look like swans with the white costumes ! PERFECT. THERE WILL BE NO MORE NUT-CRACKING IN MY FATHERS HOUSE. Her extension is painfully bad. 1:07:24 . Una de las mejores interpretaciones coreográficas que he visto. No he podido encontrar otra en Bolshoi. Los giros y los tiempos perfectos. Una bailarina excelente, toda una maestra de la danza, sigue siendo mi favorita. ) , ! . I know nothing about ballet, but its plain to see she is most likely the best ballerina in the world. Yes. Oh... I am trying to get a dvd of this was broadcast on A&E channel years ago and I taped it on and Noble had this one on dvd... I got a copy and it was damaged. I've never been able to find it    it is my favorite production. please help if you can out there.

Bolshoi ballet: the nutcracker. 1:00:00. Máxima estética del ballet, que bello, sublime. My favorite role to portray: the snowflake❄️ Cant wait to start my role as snow queen next week! ❄️. The music is so beautiful my mom played me that song when i was a baby then dance with me to that song it helped me sleep in fact it still does this song brings back so many memories i miss them so much i wish that could all happen again dancing with your mom to your guy's song for me its ballet same thing for dancing to iv always had a thing for ballet still do i just miss those memories so much this song just as much sorry i wasted your time if you read this just spend time with your mom,dad who ever you live with spend time with them dance sing something just have fun with your family do something your mom loved to do with you as a baby do it with them.

Bolshoi ballet: the nutcracker 2019. Anna Nikulina is not the best at classical choreography. Shes a bit stiff and her movements seem confined. But if you want to see her at her best, watch her dancing Yuri Grigorovichs original choreography, like Ivan the Terrible or the Legend of Love. It really plays up her assets.


This is my dream. Become a member of an orchestra like this. Obviously, playing the beautiful songs of Tchaikovsky, because I loooooove Tchaikovsky songs. Bolshoi ballet: the nutcracker 2018. Nina's dancing is a perfect combination with the lightness of her libra sun, the agility of her Aries moon and the emotionality of her scorpio rising. She was born on a full moon.

Crackshot. Beautiful ballet, as always, just Nina Kaptsova. I swear, lead flute and lead clarinet are like brothers. The energy in this performance is beautiful to see. I wish I could be part of such a joyful and lovely scenery. It almost looks like a dream where everything is good and beautiful. 太好看了,高雅的艺术. We dont need to start comparing people now, both girls worked very hard and both should be appreciated in their own ways ☺️.






Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker Rated 9.6 / 10 based on 201 reviews.

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