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Writed by - Thaddeus D. Matula Release Date - 2019 USA genre - Documentary Duration - 73 Minute. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story Download movie reviews. More like canada, the birth place of all hot chicks and basketball. Great job keeping up the fight, brother! I'm right there with you! Sending hugs! 🤗😘💜. America is one of the worst country's ever and I live in America. The inventor is a Canadian but it was invented in US.

Kenny Sailors, his jump shot, and the Wyoming Cowboys proved they could beat anybody, anytime, anywhere in 1943. The story of the Pokes' inspiring run to the NCAA basketball championship at Madison Square Garden in the Big Apple actually begins in little Hillsdale, Wyo., during the Great Depression. When young Kenny and his older brother, Bud, weren't working on the family farm, they could be found shooting baskets with a leather ball at a rusted iron rim on a dirt court, usually through the teeth of a gusting wind. One spring afternoon in 1934, Kenny grew tired of Bud, who had sprouted to 6 feet 5 inches tall, swatting traditional set shots back in his face. So, the 13-year-old with springs for legs made a move that would revolutionize basketball. "The one thing I could do was jump. I could broad jump and high jump when I was just a punk kid. I had legs on me and I could get up. I won state here in Laramie with a broad jump of 22 feet as a senior, " Sailors said, seven and a half decades later. "I thought, ‘that guy is big, and I'm not very big. But I can jump. ’ “So I decided to run right at Bud and jump straight up. I leaped as high as I could and shot the ball over him. I don't remember if it was one-handed or two-handed, but I made one. " And so the jump shot was invented—or at the very least perfected—by Sailors, literally on Wyoming soil. Hank Luisetti, an All-American at Stanford in the 1930s, garnered national attention with a unique one-handed shot, but he didn't leave the floor with both feet. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame suggests that Glenn Roberts may have been the first to shoot a jumper. Roberts, a Virginian, used a two-handed jump shot in the early- and mid-1930s while in high school and at Emory & Henry College. Joe Faulks is also considered to be one of the "fathers" of this shot, honing his skills with it as a kid in Kentucky before attending Murray State and then playing from 1946-1962 with the NBA’s Philadelphia Warriors. But many credible basketball historians and legendary coaches from the era consider Sailors to be the first pure jump shooter. "I heard of Kenny Sailors, " said Jim Brandenburg, Wyoming head coach from 1979-87, who was a schoolboy in San Antonio when the Cowboys were making national headlines in 1943. "Most of the high school coaches in Texas were still teaching the underhanded free throw or the two-handed push shot. We were just starting to develop the one-handed set shot, more the one-handed step shot and the step-back one-hander. ” "We knew about the jump shot, ” Brandenburg said, “but we didn't have any coaches that could really teach us step by step, so we could really get into it. We knew that Kenny was one of the guys credited for starting the jump shot. " Coach Ev Shelton embraced Sailors' flashy game from the moment the talented 5-foot-10-inch freshman stepped on campus in Laramie. Shelton, a Naismith Hall of Fame head coach, and Sailors, a three-time All-American (1942, 1943, 1946) guard, guided Wyoming to a 31-2 record during the 1942-1943 season. That season for the Cowboys included NCAA tournament wins over Oklahoma (53-50), Texas (58-54) and finally, Georgetown (46-34) in the title game. Wyoming then played National Invitation Tournament champion St. John's at Madison Square Garden to prove once and for all who the best team in the country was. Wyoming prevailed 52-47 in overtime. Sailors still remembers the feeling of taking the floor in the "World's Most Famous Arena" as if those glory days happened last week. "Here I am, just a kid off the farm down there in Hillsdale, never been out of the state before, and only 19 years old, " Sailors said of his first game at Madison Square Garden. "You can imagine the first time when I went in there. They announce your name when you go on the court, 'Kenny Sailors from Wyoming. ' “And the crowd, they're going nuts. I've never seen anything like it in my life. That's more people than I ever saw in a building in my life. Never even come close to it probably. " "[After the NCAA Championship] we got back to the Laramie train station and the whole town was there, which was only about 8, 000 people, " Sailors recalled. "We'd seen twice that at Madison Square Garden. Boy oh boy, it was kind of embarrassing because we couldn't go anywhere around Laramie. I went to go buy a necktie, and they gave it to me. I went to buy a meal and couldn't pay for it. " When the cheering was over, Sailors and six of his teammates went off to fight in World War II. College basketball's 19-year-old national player of the year was already commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marines and was sent to the South Pacific not long after the team returned from New York City to Laramie. After two years of service, Sailors returned to the University of Wyoming, which due to the war had suspended the basketball program for the 1943-1944 season, to finish his collegiate career in 1945-1946. He played in the NBA, including a stint with the Denver Nuggets, before leaving basketball for an outdoor life with his beloved wife Marilynne. The Sailors owned the Heart Six Dude ranch in Jackson, Wyo., and then moved to Alaska where they worked as hunting guides for 33 years. When Marilynne passed away in 2002, Kenny moved back to Laramie. Well into his 90s, Sailors lived in an apartment just steps away from the University of Wyoming’s War Memorial Stadium and regularly attended Cowboys (and Cowgirls) basketball games, where he was treated like a rock star by the Arena-Auditorium fans. He suffered a heart attack in December 2015 and died Jan. 30, 2016. He was survived by his son, Dan, daughter-in-law, Jean, eight grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild, according to the Casper Star-Tribune. He was 95. Resources Primary Sources Brandenburg, Jim. Interview, March 9, 2011. Sailors, Kenny. Interviews, July 23, 2009, and Dec. 15, 2010. Secondary Sources Christgau, John. The Origins of the Jump Shot: Eight Men Who Shook the World of Basketball. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1999. pp. numbers Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Glenn Roberts and the Genesis of the Jump Shot, accessed May 18, 2011 at For further reading and research Nolan, Jack and Ryan Holmgren. "University of Wyoming legend Kenny Sailors dies at 95. " Casper Star-Tribune, Jan. 31, 2016. Accessed Feb. 1, m 2016 at....   Illustrations The photos of Kenny Sailors and of the 1943 UW men’s basketball team are courtesy of the UW Photo Service.

Birthplace of all things awesome. Donald Trump is awesome now I guess. Find ALL the videos on YouTube from Explore God sources and you will tap into some of the best material, conversations, and rational information on the possibility of truth, Bible, and primacy of knowing God (and being known by God. Watch it all before deciding (Heb.10;24. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story Download movie database. Actually BasketBall was invented a 1000 years ago by the Mayans and the Aztecs. They played with a rubber ball. Mr. Naismith just added the final ingredients to make Basketball what it is today. Basketball was invented in Canada.

LOVE this! Life is but a bat of an have so much to look forward to after all this. Wow. just looking at Tracy Murray's hairdo. that's taking me back. That's sweet. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story download movie live. So what it was made in America. I know the struggle bro, I have struggled with food all my life. I am in a constant state of working out and losing weight, then regaining it. It has affected all aspects of my life, as I dont have energy or drive to do the essential things I want to accomplish. I'm in the military, and it has affected my career as well. I'm currently on an upward trend, losing weight and going to gym every day. Currently down to 240lbs from 255. Good luck bud, it's a daily fight, mentally and physically.

Stop arguing, lets just thank this guy. It was invented by a canadian but it evolved in america. Im committed! Im on a 40 day super strict healthy eating plan with my hubby! On day 5 and going ok, still craving unhealthy foods but Im not giving in, eating salads and fruit ! Keep going guys stay strong and do it for you! X. Americans are the worst lol (I am American so I should know) What does it matter if the guy was born in Canada or if he created the game in Massachusetts. I came here to learn about basketball. Awesome things come from all over the world America.

Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story download movie html. Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story download movie remix.


Stupidity big choice indeed. Kenny I wanted to see your follow up video after your water fast. Good to see you sharing this. Adrenal fatigue will cause weight gain if you are under stress. I agree with another commenter. Please look into Dr. Berg and Dr. Fung. They are both excellent. Dr Berg has much knowledge on the body and hormones. Thet have the answer to true health issues we all deal with.

@Ana Julia. (damn, I commented too early! lol, you ARE doing the intermittent fast, wait, I think I saw your documentary. I'm confused was Basketball 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀💦🔥🙌🙏invented in American 🇺🇸 or in Canada 🇨🇦🍁? All I know the inventor of Basketball James was a Canadian but lol I'll Googled it... And when I read I will know where it was really invented haha okay.

Jump shot 3a the kenny sailors story download movie reaction. NR 1h 15m Documentary Synopsis Behind the shot you know is the American story you'll never forget. Experience the inspiring all-American true story of Kenny Sailors, the developer of the modern-day jump shot in the global sport of basketball. From collegiate all American and NCAA national champion, to pro basketball star, Kenny faded into the Alaska wilderness to be forgotten by the sport he helped pioneer. Sixty-years later, he emerges through his most passionate supporters - Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Clark Kellogg, Bob Knight, Lou Carnesecca, Kiki Vandeweghe, Nancy Lieberman, Chip Engelland, Tim Legler, Fennis Dembo, David Goldberg and a host of other basketball and sport legends -in an effort to recognize Kenny in the Naismith Hall of Fame and tell the story of his impact on basketball, his country, and the people who knew him best. Cast Kenny Sailors Stephen Curry Kevin Durant Dirk Nowitzki.

I don't mean to be a hater but, basketball is a Canadian sport. Proud to be a phi. Cant wait to see it! Good luck Ty. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story Download movie. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story Download movie page imdb. Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story Download. This story  originally aired on Feb. 20, 2016. This week it appears again as a part of our Origins Show.  Sure, the slam dunk is flashy — but three-pointers win games. And to sink a three-pointer, you have to know how to jump. No one knows who first came up with the idea of jumping in the air and shooting a basketball. But the modern jump shot, the one that's still used today — the one we teach to kids — does have an inventor. And that man is not in the basketball hall of fame. At least not yet. Why? To answer that question, we have to turn back the clock 84 years. Two Brothers On A Farm The year is 1932. The location: a family farm outside Hillsdale, Wyoming. The star of our story is Kenny Sailors. He’s 12. And he idolizes his older brother, Bud, the way 12-year-olds often do. And so when Bud starts playing basketball, Kenny wants to play, too. "And, of course, we didn't have any place to play except he'd put a hoop up. A rim and no net on it, and he fixed a backboard, and we fastened it to the old wooden windmill that we had. Bud and I'd go out there and play around. And I never could get a shot off, and he really enjoyed that because he was 6-foot-5, and I was just about, I don't know, 5-foot-7 probably. He'd laugh and he'd say, 'Kenny, this isn't the game for you. It's for big men. Tall men. ' "It was out there on that packed ground and that old windmill that I figured out a way to get a shot off over that brother of mine. Dribble up to him. He couldn't stop my dribble, and I'd dribble up to him and then jump.  Boy that spooked him. He said, 'That's a good shot, Kenny. You have to get better at that. '" Kenny Sailors did get better at it. He got good enough to play for the University of Wyoming and good enough to take that team to the 1943 NCAA finals at Madison Square Garden. "People out East, had heard stories about this team from the West, and their superstar who played this kind of crazy game, " says  Shawn Fury, author of " Rise and Fire, " a book about the many men who've contributed to the jump shot. "They ended up winning the NCAA championship. And then a few days later, they played the winner of the NIT tournament, and they won that as well, so they were kinda the kings of college basketball. " There’s an old highlight reel of that game on YouTube. Thing is, even though Kenny was named the College Basketball Player of the Year, he doesn’t get a shout out on the highlight reel. A clean view of his jump shot doesn’t even make the cut. Fury explains. "Forever in basketball history, both feet were always on the ground when they took a shot. They'd have the ball with two hands and at their chest and they'd shove it forward, kind of like shoving a boat off into the lake or something. So it makes sense that a sports announcer who has watched hundreds of games but just seen set shots had never seen anyone like Kenny. So he probably didn't have the words to describe it, so he's just going to kind of gloss it over. " Jump For Don't  Announcers weren't the only ones confused by Sailors' shot. Defenders didn't know what to do either. "They would raise a hand to try to block the shot, but a lot of times they wouldn't jump, " Fury says. "You know, that's hilarious, " I say. "It seems so logical. He jumps, you jump. " "Yeah, to us, it sounds so simplistic and it sounds like something that James Naismith himself should've known in 1891, " Fury says with a laugh. "But it just wasn't, because the game for 50, 60 years had been played one way. " Kenny Sailors' first pro coach didn't want him to use the jump shot.  (AP) So let’s talk about how basketball was played back in 1943. Kenny Sailors is not the only one on that old, grainy highlights film who jumps. Players on both sides jump for rebounds, they jump for layups. On another highlight reel you can even watch a guy dribble down the court, jump in the air and fling the ball at the basket. It goes in. So what made Kenny Sailors’ jump shot different? "It looked different, " says Jud Heathcote. "No one would shoot in somebody's face, as we call it, and he did. " Heathcote would later go on to coach Magic Johnson and Michigan State to the NCAA championship. He says it's a crime that Sailors isn't in the Hall of Fame. But back in the 1940s, Heathcote was a college basketball player himself, and he saw Sailors and his jump shot at a tournament in Denver. "He would get right close, jump over them and release the ball, " Heathcote recalls. "And so this was spectacular in terms of my observation. " This is what Heathcote saw. Sailors would stop. (This is important because otherwise he’d plow into the defender — that's a foul. ) So he’d stop squared up to the basket, jump, and at the top of his jump he’d release the ball with one hand — using the other hand just as a guide. If you’re having trouble picturing it, think the Warriors' Stephen Curry. It’s pretty much the shot that’s made him — by some measures — the most dominant player in the NBA today. Got it? Now picture it in the 1940s. "So when I saw this little guy dribble right up into big guys, just jump and shoot right over them, " Heathcote says, "I was mesmerized with the jump shot. " The jump shot took Kenny Sailors to the league that would become the NBA. But when he got there, he found out that not everyone was mesmerized. "This first coach I had from — Dutch Dehnert was his name. He had that New York brogue, you know.  That — nice old guy, but he just wasn't a coach. He said to me, 'Sailors, where'd youse — 'youse' — where'd youse get that leapin' one-hander? ' That's what they called it. Leapin' one-hander. 'Oh, '  I said, 'I don't know, Dutch. ' I said, 'I've had that quite a while. ' I said, 'That's what keeps me in the game. ' He says, 'You just never make it in this league with that kind of a shot. ' He says, 'I'll show you how to shoot a good two-handed set shot. ' And he says, 'That dribble. ' He says, 'We don't dribble in this league. ' He said, 'We pass the ball up the court. '" Luckily, for both Kenny Sailors and the future success of the NBA, that coach was fired and replaced with a guy who put the ball in Sailors' hands and let him do what he wanted with it. And that worked out pretty well for Sailors and for the NBA. "I think it grew the popularity to a degree that it never would have otherwise, " Fury says. "Increased scoring a lot, in college basketball especially. You know, you used to have games in the 40s or the 50s. Now you had games in the 80s and 90s. And fans just enjoyed that more. " But what about Kenny Sailors? "Kenny's story really has been a forgotten story, " says filmmaker  Jacob Hamilton. "He disappeared for nearly 50 years after he retired from the game of basketball. " Hamilton is directing a documentary  about Kenny Sailors' life, and he provided all of the interviews with Sailors that we're using for this story. But before he started working on his film, he had the same reaction to the story as I did. "'Wait, this guy invented the jump shot? How is that possible? ' And, 'The jump shot didn't always exist? '" The Jump Shot's Legacy A few years ago, Hamilton invited Sailors out for breakfast — Sailors ate ham and eggs — and they talked about the movie they wanted to make. Sailors mentioned his time in the Marines, his 15 years as a dude rancher in Jackson Hole, his 35 years in Alaska coaching high school girls basketball and his lifetime as a devout Christian. He seemed more interested in talking about those things than he was in talking about the jump shot. "'Cause he is very humble, he is very modest and he doesn't like to take credit for it, " Hamilton says. "You just look at his life and like, 'Man, that's the way to do it. He didn't waste one second of his life. '" Kenny Sailors died on Jan. 30, 2016 — just two weeks after his 95th birthday. "You know, the thing that we feared most was that he would pass away and no one would know and he'd be forgotten, like he was before, " Hamilton says. But Sailors hasn't been forgotten. Since his death in late January, the call to include him in the Naismith Hall of Fame has only gotten louder. It was always something that seemed to matter to Sailors' friends more than it mattered to him. He'd like to say that as a lifelong Christian, he didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about such things. "You know, these halls of fame that you can get into down here that men select you to get into, they're nice up to a point. I know I belong to the greatest hall of fame that any man or woman can ever belong to. And when you belong to that and you know you belong to it, you don't worry about these halls of fame that men create down here. Don't mean that much to you. " The Naismith Hall of Fame announced its 2016 class at the NCAA Final Four in April. Sailors was not among the honorees. The veteran's committee will continue to consider his case. And should his name eventually be called, Jacob Hamilton says he knows that his friend will be smiling down on the announcement.

Critics Consensus No consensus yet. 100% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 6 Coming soon Release date: Audience Score Ratings: Not yet available Jump Shot Ratings & Reviews Explanation Movie Info "Jumpshot" uncovers the inspiring true story of Kenny Sailors, the proclaimed developer of the modern day jump shot in basketball, and how the zenith of our lives doesn't end in our athletic prime. Introducing this never before seen "leaping one-hander" to the masses on a national level Kenny quickly grew to be a fan favorite while leading his Wyoming Cowboys to the Collegiate National Championship in Madison Square Garden in the 1943. But after playing on several losing teams in an unstable, emerging league now known as the NBA, Kenny disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness only to be forgotten by the sport he helped pioneer. Now, nearly sixty years later, the multitude of people he has touched along the way have forced Kenny's humble reemergence. This film will follow Kenny's supporters' ongoing efforts to not only get him in recognized in the Naismith Hall of Fame, but also, to uncover the man behind the shot and why the sport he helped define never defined him. Featuring Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Jay Bilas, Clark Kellogg, Bob Knight, Lou Carneseca, Kiki Vandeweghe, Nancy Lieberman, Chip Engelland, Tim Legler, Fennis Dembo, David Goldberg and a host of other basketball and sport legends! Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Written By: Runtime: 80 minutes Studio: Ralph Smyth Entertainment Cast Critic Reviews for Jump Shot Audience Reviews for Jump Shot Jump Shot Quotes Movie & TV guides.

Nope it was created in canada.
Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story Download movies.
The birthplace of all things awesome Yea like when the schools got renamed to shooting yards, or fat people. gotta love british colonists.
He probably helped the shorter people get to the NBA.

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