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Star - Vanness Wu, Kwok-Kwan Chan / Release Date - 2019 / Director - Wilson Yip / country - China, Hong Kong / average Ratings - 8,4 of 10 Stars / 3156 Vote. Telor ko ni lae. 3:47 & 4:14 I love those punches, remind me of hits time skip ability from dbs. The next Bruce Lee❤❤👌👌👌. Watched this today. I'm happy to say that it truly lived up to the hype.

Brucee lee murid terbaik dengan ilmu bela diri terbaik, dan ilmu beladiri jet kun do brucee lee yg sampai saat ini susah di pelajari. To everyone reading this. This will be the last time we will EVER see ( Daniel Craig) as BOND. OO7 This the last BOND may try & bring another but I doubt it. Wrong ppl SCREWING IT UP. So he beat Mike Tyson and Boyka... on top of that he taught Bruce Lee. Legend. Home Ip Man 4: The Finale Adblock also blocking our video and unstable our function. If this happen to you, please disable Adblock and re-try. If problem still occur, please report us. Thank you. Server HD Choose this server Vidnode Choose this server Hydrax Choose this server Xstreamcdn Choose this server The Kung Fu master travels to the U. S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school. Duration: 105 min Quality: HD Rip Release: 2019 IMDb: 7. 7.

He is a goood actor. When will real train come. Zhang brought back all moves in IP man legacy...

I want to see the movie again 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 the movie is awesome

Oooooooh, against the post. Its all over now. All the fight was a big ol' no u. There is no better martial arts like Donnie Yen than to come here.

So many classic James Bond elements in such a refreshing way

Thought they were talking about internet ip with the title lmao. Ini KUNG FU JUNGLE bangsat. penipu. This is insanely good. The fact that the ip family has ties to some of the world's best martial artists, speaks volumes about their own skills. Is it really i though ip man 3 was the last one. Nah, dude. Ip vs 10 Black Belts should've been #1.


I don't care how old he is. He's sexy as hell. Suara sampah anjg. This is my first time in my whole life to see Eric Tsang doing martial arts. Coming to America: Ip Man Style. A voir absolument. What song. Dangit. I keep making chapters that are too big. There is a small part that is continued in the comments. First Previous Admiral Stephen Dai – Dimensional Plane of Earth – U. N. Headquarters, New York City, U. S. A. – 5 Years and 50 days since the Infernal invasion of Earth Three days of working. Three days of furious activity to try and overcome the other lobbyists and entrenched vested interests who wanted their own cut of the supposed cake. Stephen was grateful for the EU’s full commitment and support to the plan they had to try and change the agenda, by basically doing a blitz attack at every meeting. It was something that Stephen couldn’t have accomplished with just his allotted U. staff. In that sense it was serendipitous that the previous resolution was passed with such ease. Apparently, the EU, for once unanimously, was furious at China, Amerika and India, for pushing through the withdrawal of ships and troops to prevent an escalation of the gnome-halfling civil war on Pygmia. And now, faced with so many issues such as other civil wars, a devil who wants to defect, a new, modern, human God, and new magical firearms, the EU felt their influence slipping once again and decided to take initiative and for once let their voices be heard. First, they successfully lobbied the African member states and Mars. Then they overwhelmed the meetings with man power, something that the EU could always easily do in thanks to its many seats, rather than just the single American or Indian team. And by the time the rest knew what was happening to the agenda, the EU had already gotten the approval of the agenda through. The next days there was a harsh push back, but ultimately the lobbying, the bias of the agenda, and a few particular arguments won the day and had gotten the new resolution passed. By pushing Sam forward as a solution rather than a problem, the EU and Stephen could broker a deal. Sam would be ‘allowed’ to be worshipped by Arenal peoples. If anything, it was a good experiment on what would happen and what was possible. Fears were lessened by the fact that she was definitely not stronger than multiple nukes, let alone the Heavenly Dragon’s railgun, as various experiments and clashes with other Gods had shown. More importantly, she was young, abided by the rule of law, obeyed orders, and intimately understood humanity and its cultures. Her therapeutic issues were actually like to improve if humanity accepted her rather than rejected her. Equally she could be a solution for other problems. She could intervene in various civil wars, and keep a realistic, less nuke-happy eye on the other Gods. She had also shown aptitudes for magical weapons in the past and could experiment with new designs that were already being drawn up, or serve as a viable, collateral damage-free method of countering the new magical weapons that were being produced in Pygmia. But most importantly, she was neutral. Stephen hammered on this for three days straight. If human Gods were possible, and were a source of power, then human Gods were inevitable. That was just basic game theory. And would you rather have someone who listened to orders and served the U. and left Earth to be Earth, or have a religious arms race between the various super powers much like you had with the capital dreadnoughts that had planet cracking railguns? In effect, Stephen presented it like the superpowers of old presented nukes. Everyone wants one and wants to prevent the other from having one. If someone will inevitably have the first one, best it be the U. that was legally the most restrained and beholden to the member states in almost every way possible. And as an added bonus they could observe and learn from Sam, whilst staying relatively blame free if something happened. After three days of lobbying, debates, backdoor discussions and negotiations, the moment was finally here. “And with a counted majority of votes, the resolution passes. ” The Speaker said as he hammered the gavel on his desk. Stephen smiled. “Well, that’s a first. ” He mused. “Well, it’s about damn time. ” Amanda said as she stood up and clapped. “It’s rare that things go our way. ” “Ah, just you watch, something bad will come our way. I’m just glad our subordinate didn’t get thrown under the bus for something she had no real control over. ” Stephen replied. “Oh, I’m sure some member states are already coming up with some nasty resolutions to try and use her for their own gain. ” Vice-admiral Hank McDowell commented as he clapped from his seat. “Let’s not forget the caveats that we had to agree to in order to prevent the vetoes. ” Amanda said as she unsubtly glanced at the various representatives in the room. “I know, I know. Deals aren’t made without a significant cost. Though I suppose these ones are bearable enough. “Still though, letting the member states choose which conflicts to interfere with? I thought you went mad and had gone all Pragmatist on me. ” Hank said as he leaned in closer. “Well, one day you’ll have my job, and you’ll see what I’ve always said. ” Stephen replied to Hank. “Bad things always happen, best to let them happen when you have an advantage and can leverage it? That one? ” Amanda said. “Well, one day you’ll have his job, and you’ll see what I’ve always said. ” Stephen said to Amanda. “With all this upheaval, you’re sure that a civilian will get the position again? ” Hank asked with a sly smile. “Well, one day you’ll – “ “Oh, shut your yap, old man. ” Amanda said as she laughed and sat back down. Hank chuckled but continued the question. “Still though, those caveats. ” “A third round of negotiations, I suppose. I don’t doubt we’ll get our asses handed back to us. On these points the EU is too divided. ” Stephen answered. “Northern and Western Europe want to rescue this ‘Souya’ first under the guise of intervening in the dimensional plane of Ljosalfar first, even if it risks an all-out war. ” “Yes, but the more religious countries still distrust the undead lich and naturally distrust him. Not to mention the newly U. appointed God that’s still possessed by a devil, even though that’s still classified. Gee, I wonder why they want them to prove themselves first a bit more before going to Ljosalfar. ” Amanda commented. “And since the African bloc is also quite religious, we’ll probably have to swallow a lot of crap first and go and end slavery in Draconia. I wonder why a historically oppressed continent has that as a preference. ” Hank commented just as drily as Amanda did. “Not to mention that India and China are deathly curious as to what happens when hundreds of millions of kobolds worship a U. controlled ‘asset’. ” “And we’ll get all the blow back and criticism on how to deal with removing the old regime, dealing with divine and magical threats, installing a new order, and maintaining enough funds to handle the necessary infrastructure projects as well as building the vital education, law, health and just general ‘keep-society-going’ institutions from scratch, whilst fending off the neo-colonial impulses of all the newly elected Pragmatists out there. I know, I know, yet more overtime for everyone and we’re going to get yelled at a lot, by our peers, the media, the public, and our subordinates behind our backs. ” Stephen sighed out. Then he smiled. “But we’re one step closer to doing something good, and that’s a good enough deal for me. ” SpecOps Commander Sam Robinson – The Valkyrie – Dimensional Plane of Arenal – U. Base’s Main Drill Square, Ringtown – 5 Years and 52 days since the Infernal invasion of Earth “And do you hereby swear to uphold the main principles of the United Nations of Humanity, and respect and obey the combined wishes and commands of its subsidiaries and member states, in order to defend humanity from threats both within and without? ” Admiral Stephen asked as Sam kept her right hand on her heart and her left hand up, the elbow to the side and up in a ceremonial 90-degree angle. Sam looked around at the massive crowd that was in front of her. Most were colleagues, various squads or military support staff. But in front there was the horseshoe of literally a hundred camera’s, all pointed at her. “I hereby swear to do so. ” “And do you hereby swear to perform your new duties in a manner that is conducive and compliant with humanity’s and the United Nations’ norms and values and keep to the law where applicable, and that you shall maintain the mission of defence first, never to take action aggressively against an innocent or to do so in an illegal, vicious and cruel, or otherwise disproportional manner? ” Stephen asked. That was a new section. People were, rightly so, afraid of her powers, but realized she was on their side. Sam was grateful for that. She knew she had a devil problem inside of her, but it was also the reason why she was now capable of this, floating in the air, glowing with power as she took her oath. ” “And do you hereby swear to do so until the end of your life, no matter how long it may be? And continue to do so if you ever come back to life? ” Stephen asked as a last question. That last sentence had been a real issue in the media, everywhere. Sam swallowed as she once more stared at the thousands of people in front of her. The whole situation was strange. So real, yet like a dream. Like she had a massive burst of adrenaline in her but was running around in her sleep. She took a deep breath, then another, and answered. ” “Then I hereby promote you to the special rank of Guardian of Order and Defense, of the U. D. F. ’s Special Forces. ” Stephen said with a smile. “May you prosper and defend us all. ” Sam smiled in return. She wasn’t getting any special medals or clothes. Instead, the admiral was handed a small wooden box that held her new rank in the form of some special chevrons. It was the symbol of the United Nations, surrounded by a pair of cupping hands, as though they were her hands protecting all of humanity. As Sam shook all sorts of hands of various representatives and of course saluted the admiral, she couldn’t help but wonder what a strange journey it had been for her. She had been an emotional wreck for years and resented both the devil, the psychiatrist she had to work with, and lately the alcohol and information restriction she was under. But things were definitely looking up. It was good to have a sense of hope and receive goodwill, especially under such circumstances. Better yet, the meditations and other techniques and good habits that Karla was teaching her were slowly but surely working. Sure, it still sucked to mandatorily have Vee present around her at all times and the devil inside her. But maybe the admiral would let her drink tonight, in celebration. Sam realized that for the first time in a long time, she felt better about herself. Not super good or anything, just not like she was in another rut or bad day. She could do this. She wanted to do this. Like he had always wanted. Even that felt less like a burden of a dying man, and more something that came from Sam herself. Maybe Karla was right, and she was finally moving on after all these years. It’d be 8 years soon since she lost him. “Hey, admiral, I’m allowed to drink tonight right? ” Sam asked. “Of course, just keep it celebratory. ” Stephen answered with a wink. Mage Arundosar – The Bastard of Naumdal – Dimensional Plane of Arenal – U. Base’s bar, Ringtown – 5 Years and 52 days since the Infernal invasion of Earth “Oh, god! I juzz miss him sooo much, you know! ” The G. O. Valkyrie, or Sam, said as she cried drunkenly onto the shoulder of admiral Stephen, while Arundosar, and the rest of the original Paladin squad looked on with sympathetic eyes. “Oh, honey, we know. We miss him too. But… could you maybe stop floating upside down? It’s freaking people out. ” Jacqueline said as she tried to somehow pet Sam’s head but had to do that in an inverted manner as well. It was like Jacqueline was weirdly cupping Sam’s upside-down head. “Wuzzah? Oh, nooo. This way all the snot stays in my nose. ” Sam answered. “I’m sorry I’m crying you guys! We should be celebrating! ” “Yes… we should. ” The admiral awkwardly said as he desperately looked around crestfallen as his colleagues and subordinates all seemed ready to abandon him to a night of a wet and heavy shoulder. “Perhaps no more drinks for… her? ” The newly introduced Amanda Waters said. Arundosar had sometimes seen her before, but never met her. She seemed alright, though clearly, she didn’t know what she was saying with Sam within earshot. “Wuah!? Nooo! ” Sam said she floated towards Amanda and in a weird pose hugged her while upside down. It sounded like she was saying something, or perhaps Amanda was saying, but the only sound Arundosar could hear was a muffled sobbing sound. “Oh, thank God. ” The admiral quietly sighed out as he looked at the damage done to his uniform. “I mean, I never met him, same as Alix, but all the times you’ve spoken of him, he always sounded like the nicest man ever. ” Arundosar said. “Yeah, and I am damn sure he didn’t want you crying right now. ” Myrael said as he sipped a bit of his beer. “Come on, miss Gee-Oh-Dee, let’s celebrate while I pretend that my grandma didn’t call me five times today to try and condemn your new title and make me standup to my boss to get you a different title. ” Arundosar bursted out laughing as the admiral shot an awkward glance at Myrael, and then just shrugged. “Wasn’t my idea to call her that. It was one of the member states, and they all just went with it. You’ll want to blame Denmark. ” “Denmark. Great, now my grandma is going to rile up her church against Denmark. I bet she doesn’t even know where that is. ” Myrael drily remarked. “At least she doesn’t know about the other dude that’s sometimes at the steering wheel. ” Alix said, prompting Sam to cry harder. “Uuh, ah, crap. ” Alix said as angry looks went her way. “My bad! Uh, Sam, want another drink? ” “Yes – “ Sam said as she instantly turned around and went for a hug with Alix as Amanda stood there, red-faced and paralyzed as various wet streaks glistened on her face. “ – No! ” Most of the assembled crowd of U. marines and officials loudly said. Sam started to pout and sat down in a childish pose as she was still sort of sobbing while upside down. “Ah, oh, I know! ” Alix said. “Let’s go watch the fireworks! ” “Fireworks? There’s fireworks? ” Admiral Stephen asked. “Haha, yeah, of course, remember!? Sir!? ” Alix said in a badly acted manner as she elbowed Arundosar harshly in his arm. “Ah, wha -? ” Arundosar asked. “Well… I like fireworks. Okay, I guess. ” Sam said as she stopped sniffling. “Roger that! ” Vee said as three massive armoured suits appeared out of nowhere and somehow grabbed Sam and pushed her like a balloon to outside of the bar. Immediately Arundosar felt another heavy jab in his arm. “Just make some lights in the sky, you can do magic! ” Alix quietly hissed in Arundosar’s ear. After all these years, humans were still so very strangely subtly unsubtle. “Ah, oh, okay. Uh – “ Arundosar sort of stammered as he already got escorted outside by Myrael and Alix. “Just pretty lights, right? Uh… uh-oh. ” “Where’s the fireworks!? ” Arundosar heard Sam shout as she started to fly higher and glow brighter, despite three suits clinging on to her limbs. “Oh, that’s 9 tons of weight. I feel like alcohol-induced lowered inhibitions mixed with fireworks might’ve been a bad idea, lieutenant Alix Natarajan. ” Admiral Stephen said sternly as he calmly walked behind them, causing Alix to poke and jab Arundosar harder. “Shit! Somehow this turned into a career thing, fuck! Do something, magic drow! ” Alix cursed and hissed as she accidentally jabbed him in the head instead of the arm. “Ah, haha, right on it admiral, sir! Fireworks and entertainment are coming! ” Slightly put off by the constant jabbing and various desperate pleas for help, Arundosar decided to fly away from Alix a bit. Still muttering his complaints, Arundosar produced a few balls of glowing lights that consisted of multiple smaller lights and a tiny delayed fireball in the middle. He pushed them out into the open night sky, but not anywhere near the spacedocks, the ring structure, or any of the high rises. Once the balls arrived, he started to explode them. It took some effort to do so many from 20 meters away, but it helped that they were small explosions. As he felt most of the balls exploding, producing a slow falling shower of glistening lights of various colours that he had seen before in human shows, Arundosar started to make more balls to replace the ones that had been expended. “Wooh! More! ” Sam shouted as she drifted closer to the fireworks. “Uh. Maybe you shouldn’t fly so close. ” Arundosar heard Vee say despite the distance as many others started to join them outside to see what the commotion was all about. Arundosar awkwardly glanced back at Alix as he saw the crowd quickly growing to hundreds of people, all looking and gawking at his improvised fireworks. “I don’t know how long I can keep this up! And I don’t know how to do one of those massive finales that I saw during your New Year’s ceremonies, without actually damaging the surrounding buildings! ” Arundosar unsubtly shouted at Alix, deliberately within earshot of admiral Stephen. “Ah, crap, crap, crap. ” Alix said as she started to frantically pace in place. “Uh, oh, I know! ” She shouted and started to run around like crazy, looking for someone. Arundosar sighed heavily and imagined face palming himself at the sheer stupidity of Alix as he slowly realized what she was doing. After half a minute she found him. The small party of twenty or so armoured suits all surrounded a disguised Death and Sex God was walking around the edge of the terrain, not fully allowed in due to wanting to quarantine the Absolute Worst away from interesting social gatherings. And by association the lich, being the only one who could feasibly counter him without a lot of collateral damage. “Oh, no. ” Arundosar muttered as he saw Alix worm her way through the suits and talking to the two of them. “What is she doing!? ” The admiral loudly complained. “Digging her own grave? Should I start drafting the letters of reprimand and disciplinary actions? ” Amanda suggested as she started to laugh. Arundosar slowly stopped making new orbs and began to land, readying himself for whatever horrid images would appear in the sky. And as expected, just as his feet touched ground, he could see streaks of light shoot out from the group as they walked closer. The lights gathered in the night air, high above them. As it grew, it spiraled outwards, until more and more lights joined them, slowly forming an image. “Boooh! ” Myrael shouted as Arundosar looked on, not sure what he was seeing. It seemed like a star, or a starfish but with many limbs, but it was brown and – “Booooh! You suck! ” The magically enhanced voice of the Valkyrie came through. “Booooh, show something else! ” Then Arundosar quickly diverted his eyes and felt himself blush as he realized what he was looking at. “Ooooh, dear. ” He had expected the admiral to explode in anger, but all the old man did was sigh loudly and pinch the bridge of his nose. The admiral turned to Myrael and loudly gave an order. “ Lieutenant Myrael Brown! Get your colleague under control! ” “Yes, sir! ” Myrael answered with a heavy slap of a salute, and instantly started cursing and running towards the approaching suits group, now within shouting distance. Arundosar didn’t dare look up, but all he heard was gasps and awes of the crowd behind him as their faces lit up by the lights in the sky. There were plenty of ‘wooohs’ as well as plenty of ‘booos’. Then he heard cursing and short screams. Startled Arundosar looked up again and saw hundreds of darker and larger lights, displaying all sorts of horrid and rotting undead creatures like ghasts and wights clawing and scraping away the image of what seemed to be a panda in the midst of a sexual act. “Oh, for the love of – “ The admiral shouted as he witnessed more undead horrors appear and a graphic dismemberment of the panda took place in the air above them. “ Technical Lieutenant Þorgeir Steingrímursson -! ” “Yessir! ” Þorgeir saluted instantly, not letting the admiral finish. But instead of going to the group, he instead grabbed a small pebble and threw it at Sam while he loudly cursed and complained. It was an instant hit that gently bounced against her back. “Oy, Sam! ” The Valkyrie slowly turned around, her attention clearly grabbed by the strange intermingling of graphic, horrid violence, and bestiality. “Yeah? Wassup? ” “Admiral here will buy you a whole bottle of the finest whiskey if you do a better finale. ” Þorgeir shouted. “What!? ” Admiral Stephen shouted. “It wasn’t my problem, it’s not my solution, sir! ” Þorgeir replied as he saluted with a massive grin on his face. As Arundosar witnessed the momentous occasion of the admiral facepalming himself, he got distracted by a loud and whooping cheer, coming from the Valkyrie. Arundosar looked around to see what she was doing and instantly gasped and recoiled as he saw her shoot violent jets of fire and blasts of lightning, all condensed in a whirling tornado of dark clouds ominously lit up by the light of the lightning. The crowd gasped, but unlike Arundosar’s first reaction, they all started clapping. Humans were truly strange at times, they witnessed the raw power of a God and simply cheered like it was a quaint little show. “Look, I can do it with two hands! ” The Valkyrie shouted as she started to point one of her hands shooting fire at the undead lights, and the other shooting lightning at the depraved lights. It was nothing less than an apocalyptic sight as though an angry God was coming down to smite blasphemers. As the lights slowly died out, or rather, the other Gods understood the hint, the night sky got filled more and more with the Valkyrie’s lightning and jets of fire, casting a strobe-like effect on the crowd below, like one of those infernal human clubs Arundosar went to once. “Wooooh! I bet I can do this! ” The Valkyrie shouted as the violence stopped and instead Arundosar felt a heavy pressure coming from her. She was pouring energy into a ball, like he was, except much, much more than could possibly be safe. “Ah, uh. I-I’m not sure if that’s a good idea! ” Arundosar shouted up. “Ah, shaddap. I got dis! I just watched you do it, it can’t be that hard! ” The Valkyrie drunkenly shouted back. “If we die here, you’re all fired. ” The admiral slowly drawled out, yet he refused to move. More energy than Arundosar was capable of was pouring into that ball of energy that was slowly building, yet no human seemed to be alarmed. Why were they so confident, so brazen about it? What was wrong with them!? “What’s wrong with you!? ” Arundosar shouted as he put his barrier and poured his energy into it. “If that explodes here, we’ll definitely all be dead! ” No less than a second later the Valkyrie indeed exploded it. But rather than producing a massive world-ending blast, it simply shot upwards, like a missile. It accelerated fast, letting the intimidating blaze echo out across and against the buildings around them. It went up, faster and higher, until the white ball of pure destructive energy was nothing but a small pinprick, almost like a big star. Then it exploded into a small fire. Then the small fire got bigger, and lightning appeared once more. Then it grew and grew until Arundosar hide it behind his hand. Then, thinking it was done exploding, it simply accelerated in its growth, causing Arundosar’s adrenaline to spike. A pulse of white light blasted outward and the cloud of fire and lightning mixed into a dazzling display of the worst violence nature could produce. It was then that Arundosar realized that she was indeed doing exactly what he was doing. Fire balls and lightning blasts stacked on top of each other, each blasting another outwards and producing a chain reaction of more spells activating, creating a red and blue night sky of pure destruction. The spells grew outward until they finally swallowed the full nights’ sky. Arundosar heard the crowd oooh and aaah, cheering and clapping as they did so. But before it was over a heavy wind picked up and started to seem like the beginnings of a heavy storm and started to hit the crowd. “Oh, yeah, I forgot about the shockwaves. We should go inside. ” The Valkyrie shouted as she started to fly down. “Hey, that was a great show, it was awesome! Don’t worry about a little wind. ” Jacqueline had to shout to be heard over the heavy winds as the lights in the sky died down and the crowd started to move inside the bar again. “Yeah, the admiral owes me a drink! ” The Valkyrie shouted as she grabbed Jacqueline by the arm and started to fly inside. Arundosar, still relatively calm behind his barrier, looked at the admiral. In his glance, Arundosar shared everything he could think of. “You humans are still very strange. ” “At least it wasn’t a nuke, and no one died. Could be worse. ” The Admiral shrugged. “Oh yeah, isn’t that how you lost your eye? ” Amanda shout-asked as the winds continued. “Wait, you survived a nuke!? ” Arundosar shouted as he joined them into the bar. Captain Grutak – The Yipping Rebel – Dimensional Plane of Arenal – Kobold Quarters, Ringtown – 5 Years and 53 days since the Infernal invasion of Earth The humans were acting strangely. Grutak and his fellow kobolds had all jumped and celebrated with great joy as he heard that the admiral and their own God were going to visit them. Better yet, his lawyers told him that they’d bring good news and probably were there to discuss future plans of maybe helping free some slaves. But when confronted with the impromptu show that the kobolds had frantically put up as a form of thank you, the humans all seemed to laugh instead of applauding. Their own God, the Valkyrie, even groaned at times. “And so, I swear, by all that is holy, if I must, I shall sacrifice myself for the greater good of all beings! Not just humans, but kobolds too! And I shall do so with my own blood, sweat, and tears! ” The acting kobold yipped as she briefly lifted the printed-out paper mask of the Valkyrie’s face to quickly sip from the holy whiskey bottle. Then she coughed violently as she pushed the poison down, a testament of her dedication to her craft and her God. But again, the humans laughed. Those red curtains then closed, or rather, got pulled closer by multiple kobolds who were stacked on top of each other, as they couldn’t afford one of those fancy rail systems that the humans had in their movies and theatres. But for once the humans finally started to applaud. The stage director came up and quickly yipped his rehearsed apology as the applause died down. “Ah, that was the end of act 1. We would have more, but we didn’t know you were coming so soon! Please accept my deepest and most sincere apologies, oh great defender, but if you give us a few more weeks, then we would probably be done with rehearsing the great battle scene and we could show you act 2, maybe even the final act where you defeat the great Draconic Tyrant! ” “Yeah, no, that’s fine. Take all the time you need. And you guys know that you don’t have to drink real whiskey on stage, right? ” The Valkyrie said as her glowing face looked a bit annoyed in the front row. “In fact, I am pretty sure I told you specifically to not drink that stuff, it’s poison. ” “But you drink it. Why shouldn’t we? ” Grutak yipped as he appeared from behind one of the curtains. “Because… I… Just, do as I say, not as I do! ” The Valkyrie responded with a huff, causing more humans to laugh around her. It was so strange, so very strange. She was their God, and Grutak and his fellow kobolds were doing their best to show her the greatest of respect and gratitude, for rescuing their lives and giving them their freedom. And yet her fellow humans were laughing in such a casual manner, as though they were used to such grand acts of devotion. “What she meant is that while your dedication to her is definitely appreciated, it would be better if you found a less self-harming way of doing it. ” Admiral Stephen said, also from the front row. “After all, the point of her sacrifice was to make sure you all stayed safe. It’d be a bit strange to harm yourself to thank another for saving you, no? ” “Ah, well, sure. It’s not like we are forcing people to drink. ” Grutak yipped. “We just started doing it because she does. ” “But we understand your meaning and we’ll do our best to try and understand? ” Gary said as his deep voice came in, grumbling from the outside. “Well, sounds like she should voluntarily stop drinking as well then, no? ” The admiral said as he shot a glance towards the Valkyrie. In response she groaned, and the other humans laughed again. “Hey, zip it! ” She said as she turned around and looked around angrily. She sighed and turned back to Grutak. “And you all do realize that I was just one of a handful who died trying to protect you all, right? Why can’t you show the others some respect!? ” “Wah! ” Grutak yipped out as he reflexively flinched. Then he patted his own body in disbelief. “Still alive!? Oh, right, you’re not a slave master. ” Somehow this caused the humans to groan, including the Valkyrie. Not fully understanding why, Grutak continued yipping. “Well, yes, we are showing them respect, but praying to them didn’t really work because, well, they didn’t come back from the dead. You did. I mean, did you see your own guts spilling out and your blackened body, all charred and smouldering, somehow getting up again!? That was a real miracle! So, we decided to pray exclusively to you instead, since you can do magic. ” “Right… Great. ” The Valkyrie seemed to sigh out. “What she means to say is that she appreciates your displays of gratitude, but that you shouldn’t feel obligated to elevate her above others who had fallen for the same cause. ” Admiral Stephen said. “If anything, it’s a good thing that you pray only to her, since it’s only effective for her, it just seems strange, as she, and all of us, are still getting used to a human being worshipped. We famously lack magic, if you remember. Still, perhaps we can talk about making a statue of the others to show our mutual respect for them. ” “Right, that’s a great idea. ” The Valkyrie said in response. “Of course, that sounds wonderful. “Ah, but you were here for other reasons as well, yes? ” “Yes. Of course. This was a nice introduction and show you gave us, but I suppose it is high time that we all go and discuss some more important items. ” Admiral Stephen replied. “Ah, where should we go to –“ Grutak started clapping and yipping orders back and forth. In rapid motion dozens of kobolds all started cleaning up things and packing up all sorts of theatrical items. In a dozen seconds or so, all that was left was a newly brought in table with plenty of kobold sized chairs, with the holy altar dedicated to the Valkyrie and her holy whiskey in the background. As the theatre curtains were removed and the holy image of the Valkyrie was removed more humans started laughing, but this time it seemed they were more hushed and snickering, rather than the loud outbursts they had before. Still, another half a minute later and Grutak sat down on his chair as other leaders of the community joined him by his side. Hantak, Mantak, Fortak and some new faces joined them. Briefly Grutak was saddened that Zratak and Xroftak couldn’t be here, they had died in that big fight. Grutak looked around and saw some empty chairs on his side of the table. He stood up and looked around until he spotted them. “Hey, you! Come join us! The best way you can help us is by sitting next to us, how else are we supposed to do those hushed whispers? ” Grutak yipped at Jeannette and Selene, two lawyers that were assigned to the kobold camp when they applied for asylum. Once again, he heard the humans groan and laugh. Jeannette complained. “Those chairs are too small! ” “I’m grabbing this chair! ” Selene said as she started dragging hers along. “Ah, I’m sure none of that is necessary. We were here mostly to tour around and only have a short preliminary discussion. I think most of the actual detail can be discussed further in more spacious rooms at the U. base in Ringtown. ” The Admiral responded. “Oh, nono. “This is how we’ve seen humans treat their guests in your movies, so we naturally must return the favour of your gracious welcoming of us and our fellow freed slaves, as well as for your continued protection. Please, come, take a seat. As your gracious host, I insist. ” Admiral Stephen and some other people on the front row looked at each other a bit questioningly, and then decided to stand up and take a seat at the smaller kobold-sized table. But strangely enough, there were no chuckles this time. Human humour was evidently difficult to understand. “So, I understood a bit from these gracious lawyers that you wanted to talk to us about possibly helping us free my fellow kobolds in Draconia? ” Grutak yipped enthusiastically. “Ah, yes. In specific, these are exploratory talks to see what you know, what needs to be done, and the gap inbetween that we would then make our strategy on. “Excellent! ” Grutak yipped, his excitement barely contained. “Well, for what needs to be done, it would be freeing all slaves in Draconia – “ “And freeing my own people from the indoctrination of the tyrannical elders! ” Gary interrupted from outside of the room. “Right! And as for what you need to know, well, ask me what you wish. “Right, so in the weeks that you have been in the university, have you and your compatriots learned a bit about human society? And how we govern? ” The admiral asked. “Of course! ” Fortak yipped in her higher pitched bark. “It’s been very interesting to learn about all sorts of wonderful things like electricity and steel manufacturing, or – “ “Ah, yes. We’ve also learned about human society. ” Grutak yipped, trying to keep Fortak and the others on point. “Things like democracies, and freedom of speech, and especially the minority rights, those we really like. ” “Yes! I am actually quite fond of a bicameral parliamentary system, based on an extensive constitutional foundation that lays out an independently appointed judiciary! ” Gary growled loudly, scaring some of the humans in the room. “I’d like to be a judge one day. I think it’d be swell. ” “Right. But have you also learned the exact studies that precede such things? Have any of you actually governed? ” Stephen asked. “Ah, I’m the most experienced here. I’ve been leading warbands since I escaped slavery some two decades ago. “So, if you are talking about political things, uh, maybe? ” “Right. But do any of you know how to create a new government, from the ground up? Let alone run one? ” Stephen asked. “Ah, maybe? ” Astak, a village elder yipped. “It can’t be that hard though, if that is what you are asking. You educate one child, you know how to educate a village. If you know how to hold together a village of 200, then you can do so for 2000, as I have been doing now for this current group of kobolds. ” “So, you would also know how to do it for 200 million kobolds? ” The admiral asked, clearly still not very impressed by their answers. “Uh, it’s a big number, but perhaps, yes? ” Astak answered. “How long in the day did you need to govern a village of 200? ” Stephen asked then. “About a quarter of the time between sunrise and sunset usually. ” Astak yipped, then she hesitated. “Ah. It’s taking me a full day now. ” “For 200 million, you’d need a lot of you’s, and you’d need a good sense of coordination between you all. I mean, if that is what you want, as that is what you would need for a bicameral parliamentary republic. If you choose to have small villages everywhere, then it’d be a decentralized nation. ” “No! That’s how the old stories tell of us losing our power and making us weak and allowing the dragons to conquer us, as our old Gods fought each other first! ” Grutak instantly yipped. “That can’t happen again! We stand strong together and must stay together! ” “So, then we have one question answered so far. ” Stephen said. “Next items you’d have to think about is the sheer structure of, well, everything that encompasses society. That means legislature, law enforcement, health care, judiciary, penal system, education, food supply, economy, logistics and infrastructure, finances and taxes, not to mention what you’d want to do with land distribution, housing, bill of rights, individual rights and national rights, as well as everything else I haven’t mentioned yet. ” “Uh… we thought maybe you could do that for us? ” “Do you want us to become your new masters? Do you want to rely on us for everything? ” “Ah. I see where this is going. “Yes. And since you have visited us, this was no more than a polite way of saying that you can’t help us. ” Astak yipped. “Oh, no, we can. And we will. ” The admiral said with a slight smile, causing Grutak and many others to light up with joy. “But…” Continued in comments.

That hand motion at 0:38. Badass. Damn he seems like a really nice guy, a total opposite of his character in the Ip Man 4 film xD.


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