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  • genres: Romance
  • tomatometer: 7,8 of 10 stars
  • Valerie Pachner, August Diehl
  • Duration: 174m
  • Terrence Malick
  • Countries: Germany, USA

Hey Patrick, idea: you should make a list of must watch films for aspiring film makers. I do love movies, and I know that this is what I wanna do with my life but often I feel like I should study more but I just don't know where to begin. Great video as always.
A Hidden Life, written and directed by Terrence Malick is yet another marvelous gem in this unforgettable year in cinematic achievements. However, this statement wouldn't be fair for this particular movie, as its without a doubt one of the best in the 20 years of the 21st century. Malick is an extremely unique and visionary director, a deduction that can be quickly made even after watching only one of his pictures. I have seen only two, this and Tree of Life. Tree of life is also hailed by critics as one of the greatest achievements in this century, but that was not apparent to me when I watched it on my small laptop screen in 2012; So it must be mentioned that Malick's style is meditative and poetic, something that can feel like an extremely challenging yoga class, its slow, can be "boring" yet to some who adore it, can be the favorite training style. However, there are two specific differences that must be made regarding this particular picture. First, the story is more concise and focused. Few tangible characters in a limited life span with a particular story and very well specified impacts and messages; this (along with flawless performances and mesmerizing cinematography) made this 3 hours picture much more captivating, especially in comparison with the longest this year, the Irishman (yep, it was too long to me. Secondly, A Hidden Life is an important human story that by itself is a much-needed testament about the unsung heroes of history.
A Hidden life is an epic, its very hard to justly praise its alluring cinematography, genius editing, intimate storytelling, heavy monologues, and its impeccable performances. Much can be said and studied but will focus here (especially for personal attachments) to the story itself.
The film follows the life of an Austrian farmer that defiantly chose not to be forced to join the Nazi army during WWII. It follows the simple yet precious life that he had with his loving wife, his beautiful 3 little girls, their wheat fields, their barns and farms and cattle in the heaven-like Austrian countryside, their small warm house, and the cherished memories of their lives. Malick undeniably was intensely passionate about drawing the life that was. Yes, there were the hardships of the farmer's life, but (specifically the first act) didn't leave anything up its sleeves in portraying the warmness and the wholesomeness of this life. The clear cut contrast between the heavenly old days and horrors of what comes after is a dangerous tool if handled by immatures, as it can easily be drawn in a tedious and pretentious sea of melodrama. But in the hands of an experienced poet such as Terrence Malick, here, this contrast is nothing short of enchanting. This creates an extreme in the emotional, which highlights the endless sacrifices and their holiness; sacrifices that the farmer had to make so he can hold onto his humanity and identity.
The second act excruciatingly draws the evading Nazi Germany into this farmer's peaceful little village. Malick tells the stories of the physical and ideological occupation of Nazism. Soldiers wander within the village taking volunteers and ensuring their constant presence, and with that, the notions of national socialism start to make their ways into the minds of everyone surrounding the farmer. Malick goes the extra mile with his emotional realism in affirming that people didn't show embracement of Nazi ideology, but were chained with the fear of tyranny, which enslaved them and tore out their sanities. This act throws the farmer and his family in a sea of discrimination and evil that creates utter solitude stretching his adamant decision not to join the army to the extreme. He finally yields and intends to join as a medical asset to avoid participation in the killing, but one thing stands in his path, which is the imposed pledge of allegiance to Hitler, which he considers as the ultimate abandonment of what makes him free.
The third act, the most terrifying and torturing, acts as the utter darkness of life after the farmer's separation from his family. It follows the physical and physiological torment of imprisonment of the farmer as he was considered a "traitor" and the social isolation that surrounded the wife along with this act's more apparent hardships of the village life. This is the longest act in the film and has particular parts that absolutely broke me personally and brought me back to memories that actually should not be forgotten. As I was protesting against the Syrian regime, I was (as millions of Syrians) imprisoned. It was less than a month, during which some but not much affected me physically. However, two particular memories came back to me while watching the third act, one of the "ceremony of greeting" to the prison (which is basically to be severely hit and humiliated by tens of soldiers along your long slow path to your cell) especially when the movie used what can be described as virtual reality scene where the viewer was made to be the one who is receiving the punches and the kicks of the ruthless prison torturer. The second memory elevated this movie for me to a new level, which is of an imprisoned defected soldier who was bleeding after his long torture session, and his screams. In Syria, thousands of soldiers had defected the regime's army after it started shooting at demonstrators killing tens of thousands of them. These soldiers and their stories are not as documented or known as the other tragedies in my country, because the regime made it a quest to silently eliminate these cracks in its steely structure. The few known stories resemble the zenith of human bravery and goodness that can ever be imagined, and they are hidden from us. Thus, I finally understood the title of the movie, A Hidden life, not of the farmer's from his surroundings, but from the recorded history, and us.
A certain element that threw me off for a while was the messiah complex leitmotif. The movie focused for a while on the pure Christian spirituality of the farmer and his wife, but also highlighted the inevitable doubt that can wrap the heart and shake the beliefs even of the most devoted theists in such an environment. In my opinion that was an essential part of this emotional story, but what I am hesitant in embracing is that the farmer was portrayed by others (and maybe by Malick himself) as a parallel to Jesus's biblical story, which is undoubtedly the richest and the most emotional, and it might be justified in such a theme, but there is a certain addiction to it that I didn't appreciate, however, it remains as a small and easily negligible part of this magical picture.
A Hidden Life tells a story with an obvious end, but the little details are what matter because they enlighten the weight of the sacrifice on one hand, and attache it to the very meaning of humanity in the other. Malick is saying as we all should that this hidden life simply shouldn't be hidden, it should be known and celebrated and followed, it's a debt that must be repaid to those who endured it, and a promise that we need to keep to ourselves as a whole species. A hidden life is a true story, in particular with this farmer, and generally with millions of others throughout the human history of battles against tyranny, thus, Malick's picture is nothing short of one of the most important pieces of art, that must be sought and experienced by everyone.
"The growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs. George Eliot.

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"How simple life was then." Franziska (Valerie Pachner)
Auteur Terence Malick's brilliant A Hidden Life is just as beautifully photographed by DP Jorg Widmer as you'd expect from the acclaimed director. The Austrian countryside is mountain green and moody, but not really simple anymore for our heroes.
Nazi conscientious objector Franz (August Diehl) and his wife knew much better times before he refused to swear allegiance to Hitler. The 3-hour depiction of their troubled life, right down to his imprisonment and execution, is ironically one of the most beautiful films of the year and one of the most disturbing.
The contrast between the bucolic life and the imprisoned one is best served by beautiful landscapes juxtaposed with starkly cruel prisons. Malick succeeds at having us fall in love with the landscape and the heroic couple at the same time. Sometimes there seem to be short- lens anamorphic shots, with everything distorted but the center, emphasizing the loneliness of rebellion while the wide-shot landscapes offer hope of a better time sadly not to come soon enough.
Don't be fooled by my exuberant appreciation of this romance gone bad, for it is a hard study of payment due for a man to have scruples, when it would have been easy for him to sign the oath but believe inside the opposite. It is not the dialogue that will put you squarely in support of the futile objection; it is the simplicity of Franz's devotion to what is good to do, and his wife's support of that as death knell.
As might be expected, few fellow Austrians support Franz, and just as few Germans seemed to realize the horror that was Hitler. For those today who oppose autocrats, let this be a warning that necessary opposition to authority comes with a heavy payment.

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I saw the movie yesterday it was amazing I recommend watching it

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