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USA 2020. I just started reading a book The Mountains Are Calling by Jarrett Stevens this morning. On the cover it says making the climb for a clearer view of God and ourselves... i truly believe God put this video up to go along with it. This is a blessing! Thank You so much for you and your husbands work. Merry Christmas. The evidence is overwhelming! I can't help to feel pain for the world that dont want to recognize there is a God, even when they can find the evidence if they wanted to, in that day there will be no excuses and that thought makes feel pain and sadness for those who make all efforts possible to deny this things and keep all of this concealed to people. I'd like to know if I can find this material in spanish so I can be able to share it with all of my friends.

Thanks for sharing A Rood Awakening. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle water. I feel so blessed to watch this... Praises to the Living God. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle full. Patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle tutorial.

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Patterns of evidence the red sea miracle movie trailer. Stop fighting with them Nah. I expose them and their lack of logic in order to help those that cant think logically or critically and are in danger of being deceived. Remember this is a public forum and their ideas fall into the catagory of false teaching, which Jesus exposed thoroughly and without apology. Meantime, it keeps my skills of interpretation and refutation sharp.

150 mins | Rated NR (Some content may not be suitable for kids under the age of 13 and could include strong language, stronger sexual situations/dialogue (including nudity) and violence. Parents are cautioned about kids under the age of 13 viewing this content) Plot unknown Read more... Plot unknown | Plot unknown. Patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle remix. Very interesting. Great story. I bet a lot of artifacts are buried deep when the water came rushing back over the Egyptians. Published: 10 February 2020 (GMT+10) Atheists often attack the truth of the Bible by claiming there is no evidence of biblical events that should have left evidence, such as the Israelites in Egypt and the Exodus. Tim Mahoney’s excellent Patterns of Evidence series (see the reviews of the first two films entitled Exodus and The Moses Controversy) have laid out an argument that some scholars do not see the evidences of biblical history because they are not looking for evidence of any Hebrew occupation or are interpreting evidence incorrectly by assigning it to the wrong times. The latest installment, Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle continues this trend. God’s miraculous deliverance of Israel from Egypt including the plagues on Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea was foundational to Israel’s identity as a nation in covenant with Yahweh and their understanding of who God was. These miracles were also of such great magnitude that even the Canaanites remembered it a generation later (Joshua 2:10). But nearly every geographical location surrounding the event is contested—particularly the site of the crossing itself, and the route Israel took to get there. Using the personal, engaging format of the previous documentaries, Mahoney speaks with experts representing all the major views. In this film, they are divided into the ‘Egyptian view’, that tends to view the population of Israel, the distance traveled, and the scale of the Red Sea miracle as smaller, and sometimes a naturalistic event, rather than the supernatural intervention of God. Then he explains what he terms as the ‘Hebrew view’, which views the population, distance, and scale of the miracle as larger. While this characterization might seem simplistic, it is accurate enough for the purposes of the documentary, and makes the debate much more understandable for the ‘uninitiated’ viewer. Size of the Israelite population A ‘literal’ translation of the Hebrew text is that the Exodus consisted of 650, 000 men plus women and children, meaning around 2 million people. But the Egyptian view argues that the word translated ‘thousand’ (elef) may also have the non-literal meaning ‘family group’, bringing the numbers down to several thousand, not millions. Mahoney does a particularly good job giving the Egyptian view scholars a fair representation, including OT scholar Barry Beitzel who had a good amount of screen time to argue for his understanding. But Mahoney also does a good job of presenting a compelling case for understanding “thousand” literally, using the principle of Scripture to interpret Scripture. Red Sea or Reed Sea? The Hebrew term for the body of water that the Israelites crossed on dry land is Yam Suph. We translate that term as “Red Sea” based on the Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint. But Mahoney argues persuasively that the actual meaning is “Reed Sea”. Martin Luther also reflected this understanding when he used the German Schilfmeer, which means “sea of reeds”. It is necessary to pre-empt a possible skeptical attack here, because Acts 7:36 and Hebrews 11:29 use the Septuagintal Greek term for Red Sea. If the Hebrew was “Reed Sea”, and the Septuagint translators got it wrong, then the New Testament would be in error for using that term. How do we defend the NT usage if Yam Suph means “Reed Sea”? The simple answer is that place names change over time, and updates to reflect later designations are common in Scripture. Yam Suph was the correct name at the time of Moses, and Red Sea reflected the Greek name in usage at the time of the Septuagint translation and the New Testament. We see this elsewhere in Egypt where Avaris, the Hyksos capital, was later built over and renamed Ramses and even Pi-Ramses, which is what we read in our Bibles today. The crossing site? There are three major candidates for the general area of the Red Sea Crossing Some people argue that north of the Red Sea, there are some relatively shallow bodies of water that qualify. The Gulf of Suez is the major traditional crossing site, with most traditional Christian commentators supporting it. The Gulf of Aqaba is a site that is gaining popularity, especially among some researchers outside the mainstream archaeological community. There are three places in the Gulf of Aqaba where the crossing could have possibly happened. Closely linked to this is the route Israel took to get there. The discussion of how fast people and herds could possibly travel and the implications for the crossing site is particularly enlightening. A high-quality visual masterpiece Often, biblical debates can be confusing and difficult to understand for those new to the subject. And there are those who feel that they have settled these matters in their own minds and are perhaps resistant to other views. But Mahoney walks the viewer through the various options in a way that is very understandable and leaves one feeling like they have the information necessary to form their own well-informed opinion. The production value is also very high, with stunning video and graphics. Why does it matter? For Mahoney, this isn’t just a dry academic discussion. He stated in previous Patterns of Evidence installments that he needed answers to these questions for his own faith, and in this film he says that he wants to have answers for his grandchildren. This drives it home that the Bible’s history matters, and we should want to be able to defend it with all the tools at our disposal. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle adds several arguments that we can use to defend the Bible’s history and does much to build our faith in the accuracy of the Bible’s account. For those who’ve had some doubts about God’s parting of the Red/Reed sea, this film should be a faith-building encounter at the greatness of our God. After all, if He is the one that created this massive universe, why should parting a body of water on the earth, regardless of its size, be so difficult? We heartily recommend Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle. For US audiences, click here to see theaters and screenings.

I'm jewish and i wish i could show this video to some atheists that i know, also jewish

Thou art near, O LORD; and all thy commandments are truth. Michael Foust Contributor 2020 13 Feb COMMENTS In the 1956 classic movie The Ten Commandments, filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille depicted millions of Israelites crossing the desert, only to get stuck between an Egyptian army and the Red Sea, which God miraculously parted so they could survive. Many modern-day liberal scholars, though, doubt that’s the way it happened – and their disbelief has led some Christians astray.  Modern-day filmmaker Tim Mahoney is one of these Christians who formerly had a crisis of faith about the biblical narrative. But instead of living a life of doubt, Mahoney set out to find archaeological evidence for the Old Testament story. His latest movie, Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle, Part 1,  will land in theaters for one night only, Feb. 18, and examine the archaeological evidence for the Israelites’ crossing of the desert. ( The Red Sea Miracle, Part 2  will appear in theaters May 5. ) Here are three reasons to watch The Red Sea Miracle: Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney 1. It Will Strengthen Your Faith The Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea are well-known stories among Christians. But among many scholars, such stories are viewed with skepticism. Did the Israelites cross a massive sea that would have required a miracle from God (as depicted in movies by Cecil B. DeMille), or was the body of water far more shallow (and easily crossable by foot)?  This debate also involves the route the Israelites took out of Egypt. Scholars who doubt the biblical narrative claim the Israelites couldn’t have survived a lengthy walk through the desert. They also say there likely were thousands, and not millions, of people on the journey.   The Bible tells us (in Exodus 13) that God led the people out of Egypt along a “desert road toward the Red Sea. ” It is on this journey that God guided them with a “pillar of cloud” and a “pillar of fire. ”  “The big miracle, some people would say, is the parting of the sea, ” Mahoney told Crosswalk. “But the other miracle is the journey – and that God provided for them. ” Mahoney travels the globe and interviews experts in both camps, but lands on the side of Scripture. Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney 2. It Simplifies the Complex The Red Sea Miracle, Part 1  is the latest in a series of documentary films by Mahoney about the Old Testament narrative. In each one, he takes a complicated subject involving archaeology and ancient history and simplifies it for the average person, using plain language and graphics.   “It's something that I'm called to do, ” said Mahoney, who recently screened the film at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  In Patterns of Evidence: Exodus (2014), he examined the archaeological evidence and the timeline for the Egyptians owning and then releasing millions of Hebrew slaves. In Patterns of Evidence:  The Moses Controversy (2019), he looked at the authorship of the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy) and the question of whether Moses wrote it.  The Red Sea Miracle, Part 1, examines the various routes the Israelites could have taken and which body of water could have been crossed. Red Sea Miracle, Part 2 (May 5) will spotlight the actual Red Sea miracle itself.  In each film, Mahoney is searching for “patterns of evidence” that match the biblical events. “The Scriptures tell us that they're divine and that we can trust them. And I agree with that, ” Mahoney told Crosswalk, explaining his purpose behind the films. “But even with the disciples, it helped that Jesus showed up after the resurrection – even though he told them certain things were going to happen. Jesus understood that the human nature needed to sometimes see with your eyes and touch with your fingers. ” Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney 3. It’s Fascinating … and Well-Done The Red Sea Miracle is like sitting in a college classroom and learning about an intriguing subject. Yet this class involves the greatest story ever told: God’s story. “Millions believe this was a supernatural act revealing God’s glory to the nations, ” the narration tells us at the beginning of the film. “Did this event take place as recorded in the Bible, and if so, where did it happen? ” Like a good college professor, Mahoney puts a little doubt in your mind before solving the puzzle.  “There's a tension between a naturalistic view of the Scripture and what the scripture is actually saying, ” Mahoney told Crosswalk.  Mahoney began tackling the subject when he was facing a crisis of faith. “I feel as if I have been guided providentially to information to help others, ” he said. “I'm taking people on a personal journey of discovery, but I found out that a lot of people are asking the same questions. ” Visit  Related:  4 Reasons to Watch Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy Photo courtesy: ©Tim Mahoney Michael Foust has covered the intersection of faith and news for 20 years. His stories have appeared in Baptist Press,  Christianity Today,  The   Christian Post,  The   Leaf-Chronicle,  the Toronto Star and   the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

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Patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle solved. Patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle new. Advance Tickets Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle 2 hr 30 min NR Advance Tickets Please allow approximately 20 extra minutes for pre-show and trailers before the show starts. 2 hr 30 min NR Feb 18, 2020 Movies at AMC. Patterns of evidence the red sea miracle movie. Praise God! Thank you for the video.

O Allah. The most gracious the most merciful. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea miracle de la grossesse. The duck at 1:19 is like Oh hell no, I'm getting the heck out of here! haha. Patterns of evidence the red sea miracle review. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really enjoyed hearing your stories. I would love to hear more when you are ready. There are many people that know the truth about what Ron discover. May THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU. When God choose you it doesn't come from your family, it comes from you alone with your goals. Patterns of evidence the red sea miracle part 1. The made this because “patterns of evidence: the exodus” had already done all the leg work about the truth, and theyre trying to control the narrative.

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