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Publisher: LaBola Bulldogs
Info Bulldog francés y Cane corso


Writed by Corneliu Porumboiu

Corneliu Porumboiu

Genres Crime

Release Date 2019

runtime 1 Hours 37 Minute


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Zvizda c4 8di action cinema. First Hit: I was, and even a day later, confused by this story and film.
We're really introduced to Cristi (Vlad Ivanov) and Gilda (Catrinel Marlon) when Gilda walks up to Cristi and asks to speak with him in his apartment. Cristi whispers into her ear that he apartment is bugged, so she kisses him and tells him she'll play the part of a hooker, and they can whisper her request, which is to help her by getting a criminal, Zsolt, out of prison.
In an early scene, Cristi is on a ferry heading to an island where the ancient people use to communicate by whistling. Cristi is part of a plot working with other criminals to free Zsolt and to do this he has to learn the whistling language.
The language breaks vowels and consonants into seven whistling sounds. This lesson in this language was the most exciting part of the film. I was fascinated with Cristi learning how to whistle and wanted to practice, along with him, right in the theater.
As the film develops, some parts led me to believe that the story in the movie was pre-planned, and I missed something as the film progressed. At other times, I felt as though Cristi and Gilda were planning the ending along the way because they'd fallen for each other.
As an undercover detective, Cristi works for an unnamed woman place by Rodica Lazar, who is trying to play both ends of this story.
The result is a film that has the appearance of a storyline running at two different levels, but in the end, the person sitting next to me asked if he missed something about how the ending worked out, I said "I don't know, and I still don't.
Ivanov was quietly compelling as the detective who was also on the take. Marlon was excellent as the woman who seemed totally in control of story behind the plot. Lazar was strong as the head of the investigation and also susceptible to corruption. Corneliu Porumboiu wrote and directed this quizzical story that left me hanging.
Overall: I either missed a critical section of this Romanian film or the story was attempting to be too elusive.

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A local sportsman participated in these Games and the Olympic fire visited the island, leaving the fact in the memory of the people of the island. It is the best preserved medieval fortification of the Canary Islands. Erected around 1470, but reformed in the sixteenth century, its main use was for the defense of internal rebellions of the island. Structured in three parts, the windows are loopholes from where arrows and muskets were shot. It currently holds an exhibition of historical maps of the island of La Gomera inside. Built in the sixteenth century but rebuilt in the eighteenth a magnificent sculpture of a Virgin of American origin can be found inside. Former county house around a central courtyard, inside, you can see an exhibition about the trips of Christopher Columbus to America. The legend says that the admiral took the water with which he blessed the new continent from an old well that is still preserved. XVIII century old house built around a courtyard with top runner. There is a permanent exhibition of pre-Columbian sculpture of great interest inside. The legend says that Christopher Columbus was here, but it is something that no documentation can confirm. Built in stages, dating back to a small shrine of mud and stones from the fifteenth century. We must highlight the first building façade; its origin goes back to Portugal and is called “Manueline” style, with ogee archs and ropes intertwined. In the eighteenth century it was enlarged with two aisles. There is a museum of religious art inside, where we must highlight the artwork from the sixteenth to the nineteenth. Of special interest is the chapel of El Pilar, with its mural painting alluding to the battle against the English pirate Charles Windham in 1753. Imposing sculpture of colossal dimensions overlooking one of the flanks of the ravine of La Concepción all San Sebastian. Built in the 1960 and dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is one of the most famous viewpoints from which to observe the island’s capital. Located in the hamlet of Tejiade, is one of the least known shrines of the island of La Gomera. Founded in 1719 by Jose Rodriguez, a neighbor of Agulo, dweller in the southern lands. We must highlight inside the size of the image of San Jose, anonymous work of the eighteenth century. Founded around 1535 by order of the first Count of La Gomera, Don Guillen, this chapel reflects the Portuguese influence in architecture, as seen in the capitals of the columns of the arch leading to the chapel. The image of the saint of the municipality is a carving of the eighteenth century. We must highlight the keystone of the arch of the entrance, with a relief of the arrows alluding to the martyrdom of the holy Roman. Monument erected at the foot of Agando Roque, witness of one of the most voracious fires of the island. The names of the deceased are preserved in a plaque for their memory. Located in the Jerdune area, on the south plain of the grain village, the hermitage was founded in the sixteenth century by order of the Count and you can see inside pieces of remarkable interest, such as the Virgin of Light, a Flemish carving of around 1530. Today it is also a popular recreational area. Located under the Roque Agando, Benchijigua was historically the land of the Count. It is currently known for its traditional architecture and for being a main stop of the island’s paths network. Discover the trees and shrubs of the laurel forests on La Gomera What is a laurel forest? It is a subtropical forest which is characteristic of some of the Macaronesian archipelago (the Canaries, Madeira and the Azores). Although its name comes from the Latin lauri+silva, “forest of laurels”, in reality it consists of many more species. On La Gomera, you will find possibly the best representation of this type of ecosystem, and because of this, it was designated as a National Park in 1981 and a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1986. Do you want to pretend to be a botanist in Garajonay? The challenge consists of identifying as many tree species as you can find in Garajonay. How will you do this? Firstly, try to identify the leaves of the trees and shrubs with the help of the key that we have provided in this small guide, and then check on the Arbolapp Canarias app for identifying trees, which you can upload to your mobile. Shall we begin? This is the app that you can upload: You will find much more information in the visitors guide to the Garajonay National Park which you can upload from the following website: Read More Suggestions for enjoying and discovering the birds of La Gomera 1) You should know that there are two endemic birds on La Gomera that are very sought after by bird watchers: the Laurel Pigeon and Bolle’s Pigeon. As they are rather difficult to see, they have become an interesting challenge, for which we recommend that you familiarise yourself with their images and identify their distinguishing features beforehand. 2) the recommended time of day to observe these birds is at first light, which is when they are most active, also at dusk, when they return to their roosting sites. That is generally when you can enjoy their song. 3) What you should carry in your backpack. What do the experts carry? A field guide to birds with good photographs, binoculars (at least one pair per two or three persons), note book (to note observations and draw the birds found on your outing), discrete-coloured clothing (brown, green and black) which will provide camouflage, camera, preferably with a high zoom lens, recorder to record bird song (for beginners, current mobile phones offer this option and provide very good quality recordings) and lastly, food and drink, it is very important to have water, particularly during hot weather. 4) Some interesting information for choosing binoculars: […] Vallehermoso and its southern side This part of the island shows us its charm through its hamlets, neighbourhoods, forest and beaches where the sun is the protagonist. Its more than 300 days of sunshine guarantee the climate you always wish for to be able to enjoy a truly unforgettable holiday. The area invites you to discover it by foot, car, bike or boat trips and allows you to do all sorts of outdoor activities. If you come from the north in a south easterly direction, once you cross the park, you will find yourself on the other side of the municipality, with scenery that changes as much as the temperature and the humidity in the area. Today we will tell you about Chipude, La Dama and La Rajita. Chipude The farm terraces welcome us to this picturesque village, some of them with grapes which are used to make wines full of personality. La Fortaleza Natural Monument (link) guards the area with its towering walls and holy past. Its flat summit houses archaeological ruins and its flora includes protected and endangered species. The name “fortaleza” describes all of the elevations of land with the highest, flattest part rising above its surroundings, dominating it. Numerous trails cover […] Family Tourism The charming island, an ideal place to visit with children Charmed by its inhabitants, charmed by its visitors, charmed by the privileged climate unique to the Canary Islands, charmed by the trade winds… Visiting La Gomera with family allows us to feel that charming characteristic enveloping what we really love. The little ones and not so little ones immediately become stars of the most entertaining and mysterious stories you can imagine. This is because La Gomera has that still-preserved charm of being a healthy land, with untouched landscapes, clean air, intense scents of the sea and forest, everything that allows us to feel pampered in an unbeatable environment. Our proposal is an intimate encounter with nature, starting at the Garajonay National Park. There are plenty of trails to stroll along with children and that have different degrees of difficulty. From the smallest children to the most intrepid, they all have their own specially prepared route. Telling them the story of Gara and Jonay before visiting the Park already prepares them to enjoy it to the fullest. As soon as they begin to see the first trees (if they are lucky enough to see the sea of clouds, they will understand […] For whoever is visiting La Gomera for the first time You have arrived at La Gomera only have one day to enjoy it! Surely you will find it a short amount of time, indeed it is so! La Gomera is an island that has an impact on everyone, whoever visits it for the first time, wants to go back. La Gomera conquers from the very first like love at first sight. The Garajonay National Park is without a doubt a must. You will probably first see it from a scenic view point or from the the Great Lagoon (Laguna Grande). There, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the greatness and lushness of this exceptional forest; but the real way of enjoying and appreciating it would be to enter its trails. There are pathways available for all likings. Among them, one can find short, rather even pathways, as well as, challenging trails surrounded by scenery of extraordionary beauty. It is very probable that during your first visit you rush through some of the villages of the island. However, one would need to spend some peaceful time there in order to be able to get to know the place well. Each village has it’s own uniqueness […] El Cedro – a fairytale forest A continuous flow of water accompanies the hiker who enters this area of the park. There are just a few places in the Canary Islands that have a stream with natural pools, and El Cedro is possibly the best example of it. Here every drop that runs through this channel has its story and not just any story, it carries with it a journey through the clouds, which are drawn by the trade winds to meet the slopes of the north side of the island, to finally hit trees that act like sponges. This incredible phenomenon is known as the “horizontal rain” and is responsible for nourish and nurture the riverbed of this stream with each drop coming from so far away. Knowing its story, the hiker appreciates if possible, even more, the visual beauty that the water leaves along his footsteps. Here, the whole landscape forms a stage where nature becomes the protagonist to show everyone its charm and beauty. The enormous and well-preserved specimens of heathers, beeches, hollies, Indian bay and Portuguese laurel are often covered with moss and lichens that further emphasize their enigmatic beauty. The ferns which are great in size and a deep green […] Read More.

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La Gomera
4.6 stars - Larry

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