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Creator: Jessica Pettersson
Bio: Psychiatric assignment. Ex politician. Education; art, graphic design, economics etc. Interests; politics, philosophy, history, culture, travel etc. Film lover!


  1. year 2019
  2. Genre Drama
  3. Writed by Levan Akin
  4. Average rating 8,9 of 10 Stars
  5. runtime 113 Min
  6. reviews And Then We Danced is a movie starring Levan Gelbakhiani, Bachi Valishvili, and Ana Javakishvili. A passionate coming-of-age tale set amidst the conservative confines of modern Tbilisi, the film follows Merab, a competitive dancer

I love this song so much, omg <3. Rebel Wilson should host the Golden Globes or even better. The Oscars. She's hilarious and her comedic timing is great. Far funnier than Amy Schumer. Dzaan magaria good. Kai rA namusit unda tqva amaze. In a time when you trusted your mates to lock you in the boot of your car hehe in a time when you could ride right in the back of a station wagon with (as many kids as you could fit) and wear no seat belts in a time when your parents could drive you to the beach in a ute and you would all jump in the back tray and ride with the wind in your hair Seat belts. pffft they're for pussies LOL.


I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to see this at the 2019 Chicago International Film Festival and I'm looking forward to seeing it again. The performances and choreography by the lead actors are excellent and I found the film to be very moving; I can only hope it gets a wider release and finds the audience it so badly deserves. Not only does the film illustrate how rigid gender expectations are in traditional Georgian dancing, it also has the courage to turn against those expectations in an amazing finale. Highly recommended. Never before in cinema have I seen a relationship in which I would so genuinely believe. In every word, move, look, gesture of Merab (Levan Gelbakhiani) I can see and feel an ordinary young artist struggling with self-identification and experiencing first love.
The idea of portraying gay romance in such a conservative country as Georgia could give the director Levan Akin many reasons to be moralistic and pretentious. Yet the end result is by no means like this. In every scene, every word, it is subtle, naturalistic, thought-provoking without any unnecessary preachiness. Opinions and feelings are conveyed through music and dance, which enables the film to achieve all its purposes in a delicate yet decisive way.
Akin does not portray Georgian society as something evil. As everywhere, there are people who hate, people who do not understand and people who support. 'And Then We Danced' is a meaningful masterpiece made by those who support not only for those who need the support, but also for those who do not understand yet.

The movie was so amotional and amazing. Im in love with it. თქვენი ოჯახი. She begins with her vagina. Ends lacking the balls! Hilarious, brilliant and makes sense! Big fan from Egypt 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬. მასტერი ძალიან ჯანსაღად აზროვნებს და იმენა ყველა დეტალი დაიჭირა და ყველაფერში ვეთანხმები მე პირადად, 100% ხარ ძმაოო. This is so dope. wanna feel their energy on live. lol. I heard ABBA play in the IKEA bathroom. It was pretty cool. ამ ტრეკის გამოსვლამდე, კაიაკატას არვუსმენდი... 💣🤙. And then we danced Soundtrack here! <3. Amsterdam is a tourist trap, go to the dutch paid musea and for the rest stay away. Amazing Vocals aside, dancing was never their strong point, no professional choreographers here but that was part of the charm, they didn't care, they just did their own thing & that's why we love them so much.

I can hear the (2) right wingers that force themselves to watch this gay flick screaming. “See, they can be “straight” if they want to!” I found the movie boring and with the sex scene, homophobic. თანავარსკვლავედები თან დამდეევს. I watched this movie in Turkey. My friend and I fell in love. You're great, go on dancing and fun.


Anime ღამეებს ვხედავ რამდენს. How to Homeschool During COVID Quarantine I’m a single dad full-time student with a part-time job, now studying/working from home in a European country. My 6-year-old is now home too. We started homeschooling four days ago and here is how we’re doing it! 1. Assessment: Figure out where your kid is in terms of reading, writing, spelling and math (I will talk about topics like science and history in a later step). Ask your kid to write a story about their feelings or play some math games to try to figure out what they have masterd already. Example: We played a board game and I saw that my kid has mastered counting. We played a board game with dice and I saw that she has mastered simple addition (adding the numbers on the dice quickly in her head). I then asked her some double digit math questions to see if she could manage them (that was challenging for her). We did some subtraction problems with mini marshmellows and I could see that with subtraction, she understands the concept but hasn’t mastered it yet. I asked her some multiplication problems using buds from a broken tree branch and could see that ”sets” (3 sets of 3 or 4 sets of 3) is a new concept to her. 2. Guides: Most book stores (online as well) have supplemental workboooks that go by grade level. We have one of these and we do use it. I bought one a while back in order to help my kid learn to read and write in English. I would not completely rely on one of these. Worksheets are useful, but they don’t teach concepts they’re only good for practice. Also, worksheets get boring after a while, so you don’t want to overdue them. Maybe 3 a day. There are probably e-book versions of these guides. Example: The workbook we have is called Brain Quest. Certain sections (like American money lol) aren’t useful for us, but other parts are great. 3. Learning Apps: Learning apps are great for when you need to get work done, but you’d like your kid to be doing something other than re-watching Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 100th time. Download a bunch of different ones, try them out, pay for the subscriptions for the ones your kid seems to like the most. We have something called Math King (Junior maybe? ) and it exists in a bunch of different languages. Kahn Academy Kids is free. You can google "learning apps" to find more. I think it is best to pay for them instead of letting my kid watch loads of in-app commercials. 4. Day planning. This is the key to our success so far and it wasn’t my idea, it is used at my kid’s Montessori school and she wanted to do it at home. You take a blank piece of paper and divde it into a grid of 12 squares. In the top 9 squares, you write one learning activity in each square. The activities are things like ”page 53 from Brain Quest” and ”Math King app” and ”Daddy reads aloud. ” In the bottom three squares are reward activities like ”watch a show” or ”play a board game” or ”build a castle out of toilet paper rolls. ” When she completes 3 learning activities in a row or column, she gets to do a reward. She gets to choose which activities she does in which order and which reward she wants. Giving the kid power like this within the confines of the daily routine feels very empowering for them. 5. ROUTINE! This is the second biggest most important thing. We wake-up at 7am. Breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, etc. Wake-up times and bed-times stay on schedule with the body’s circadian rhythym. Don’t wait until the kid starts complaining about hunger before starting to make a meal. Serve the meals on time at the same time everyday. This is extremely comforting to small children. 6. Outside time – fresh air and exercise are important if you can access them safely. 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Example: Turns out animals and habitats is a topic for primary school kids so we started there because the last time we went to the library, my kid picked up some books about animals (the title of one translates to ”The Truth about Poop” and is about different animal ”signs” like droppings, bones, nests, etc) so I knew she was interested in this topic. When we go on our nature walks we look at the animals and different signs that we find. We watch a nature movie on Netflix and talk about it together so it’s not just passive watching. Eventually we will exhaust interest in this topic and move to something else. 8. Exercise and breaks! Even if you can’t go outside, make sure you do some fun movement games at least once every half hour. Pretend to be animals, do yoga, turn on the party music and dance for 5 minutes. Bodies need to move! Yours included! Kids that move their bodies have better attention spans and whine less. 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Example: I could let my kid cook with me, but I find that stressful so I don’t do it in the interest of not adding any more stress to what I’m already feeling inside and accidentally snapping at her. This is one parent's strategy for a single child. Feel free to discuss and add your own tips!

US release dates. ის სულ გაქურული როგორ არის :დ გაქურული კი არა გადაქურულია. ვისაც სჯერა რომ ოსკარს აიღებს ლაიქ ყველამ 👍 👍 👍 👍. And then we danced brought me here.


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And Then We Danced
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